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Every Little Helps Foundation 

Every Little Helps was founded by Mr James Chen Zhi Yu, PBM, Mr Kevin Wong and Mr Desmond Wang, in 2018 to uphold the philosophy of giving back to society, with the core objective of serving and uplifting the underprivileged by helping families out of the often vicious cycle of poverty.

Together with our donors and volunteers, we seek to achieve our objective of alleviating poverty in three ways: Reducing food deprivation, ensuring equity in opportunities, and securing access to education for all. 

To do this, we take action by carrying out a number of ad-hoc and regular programmes, like free weekly tuition and reading programmes for underprivileged children and monthly ration distributions for families in need. 

We endeavour to make our programmes go beyond simply academic or financial assistance, and work with character and positive value in mind. 

In rendering these acts of service and support to those who need it, we are made anew. Through this work of providing support and creating access, we hope to connect to a wider community and tap into a larger sense of purpose to effect a greater positive change in our society. If you wish to glimpse an insight into our vision and help grow this virtuous cycle, share you time and talent with us to support someone in need. 

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